Sometimes we move in the wrong direction because we don't stop to check where we are going and we allow things to get in our way. Unfortunately, this often leads to us losing our grip on life.

Having gone on this roller coaster myself before realising what was happening in my life, I, from that point of view understand the importance of mentorship in life. And it is for this reason that I thought of creating this school. So to all you wonderful people-mentees (I prefer to call you if you allow me) who will be enrolling on this programme this is an invitation to assess your own life, get a grip on it for real and make sure you are getting the best there is for yourself in this life and beyond.

We often cheat ourselves on what life has to offer us being stuck in rut houses called 'issues' that we are afraid of confronting because we are frightened of what we would find in ourselves, so we pile on stuff to make us feel better instead of digging up what is hidden inside of us that makes us go round in circles and never seeing change in our lives, year after year.

You can stop doing that now because Essential Seed School is here to help you straighten up become whole in thought, actions and speech; holding your head high, seeing the change you so yearn to see in your life. The time of struggling is over. Now is the time for you to put on your boots named 'decision' get your shovel named 'determination' in hand and begin to dig up; go into yourself-your heart to be exact. That is where all the issues of life come from. Have you not realised it is your emotions that makes you do things without thinking about it?

So then, let me welcome you to Essential Seed School where we encourage you to dig into the barren areas and/or malnourished areas of your life because the soil lacks nutrients named 'principles' and let us help you create beautiful landscapes; carefully manicured, fertilised and watered lawns named 'value and purposeful living.' Without much ado...Happy digging!