Isn’t it interesting the kind of things we allow to take over our peace of mind and rule the affairs of our lives as though they were the masters of our lives? Often, we interpret our lives by what is happening in our lives than who we are. Which is not too much of a surprise because again usually many see themselves and interpret their existence through the eyes of what is readily in front of them.

Truth is, the unseen is the real deal and anything you see with your naked eyes is temporal which means it is subject to change. What ought to change is your perception of truth. Your perception of truth can be biased and limited. But am happy to announce to you that what you see and think of as your limitation is unreal. Wow, that’s a bold statement. I realise that. Then again it is the truth and if you will begin to discover yourself through the eyes of your heritage not your ethnicity you would begin to be awakened to the wealth of possibilities available to you. I will dare make this statement even though I know i might get into trouble nevertheless you are not a wealthy person until you have completely discovered your heritage and had began to interpret your being after your heritage and living accordingly to the full knowledge of it. In fact living a whole life in the context of being fulfilled in this life begins with self-discovery. Without that you will live your life completing Maslow’s Interpretation of life and find out there is still yet a vacuum that needs to be filled and that nothing can fill that vacuum. What are you consenting to that is causing so much uncertainty in your life? What are you living your life for? Is it worth dying for? Could you take a step beyond your now? We invite you to visit Essential Seed self Development and begin to see life through this fresh way of self-discovery information for the purposes of cross-referencing with your perceptions of truth about your person.

To a life of infinite bliss