Hello You,

Basking in the sporadic sunny days I guess. Children on holidays, nieces and nephews coming around, moving back and forth, the reminders of your own childhood holidays, eh. Precious times are here.

I am just wondering what kind of thoughts are going through your mind these days. You see, thoughts are powerful because they are pictures of the mind that have constructive or destructive possibilities and have power with emotions. In other words they affect your emotions. Sometimes they are imaginations and imaginations are pictures that come to you and most likely don’t stay with you. The difference with thoughts is, they are deliberate. They are created by you. Many times we underestimate the possibilities of our thoughts. Our thoughts can hold us captive or allow us to experience freedom in our lives.

As you have been watching your children have fun doing whatever they are doing, have you stopped to enjoy the moment with them, as in being completely present with them or are you just going with them being the chauffeur and the sponsor of their happiness?

Well, I just stopped by to say this is precious time you could use to rewrite your childhood if yours wasn’t the best; and if it was great, relive it, because there is energy exuding from that too to revitalise you for the hectic days coming.

Oh, boy I wish I didn’t mention that but it's just inevitable human experiences but the good thing is it how you write the story about those days. If the story isn’t good enough and fun enough, change it. It all has to do with the power of your thoughts. So hectic days? Forget I said that, you can rewrite it.

Make the holidays worth your while.