Hello There,

It's twelve midday and here I am in the middle of nowhere with my thoughts pretty much vaguely collecting my thoughts and it hit me how engrossed I have been at looking for the perfect time to do this and that. Is there such thing as a perfect time to do a thing I thought to myself? Finally regrouping my thoughts. To a large extent I suppose so. However, life as I see it presents windows and doors for us to walk through or jump through and it doesn't take too much to lose yourself amidst all that is going on around you.

I am looking through this glass pane window. The house positioned rightly in front of the paraded manicured lawns. Sweet scented wild flowers saturating the atmosphere. Through the glass pane window from where I stood almost feeling like a dream I let myself go walking through the manicured gardens and at every point picked up a flower. At the end of my walk I had a bouquet of the most colourful and sweet scented flowers I had ever come across. Amusingly, looking at the bouquet I realised gifts and talents are like flowers planted in the fertile soil of discovery. For every gift or talent you allow to go to waste today because you are engrossed in one worry or another or some sort of insecurity or inferiority complex or superiority complex you rob the whole family of humanity of what you were sent here to do. It can be tricky and just as well adventurous if we will take the high road God has paved for us. I found out we can be engrossed so much in a thing and end up missing the whole point of life.

We all being a part of a nuclear family as well as extended families, we all owe to ourselves and to each other to play our designated roles to make this place a better place. What are you engrossed with? Take a step back relax, breathe and take that peaceful walk picking up the most important food to train your spirit and soul so you will be able to give back to others what you thought was unattainable.

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Till next time enjoy being you.